Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Called Donna at CSU Channel Islands just to 1. ascertain there is a stipend for teaching a course and 2. to see if I can send in my proposal via a method other than filling out the proposal application and resume, then e-mailing it in. Decided to scan and send as attachments. I hauled out my materials from my "Acting for Everyone" class at Stockton, then pared them down, modified, and otherwise shaped them for the new venture. As this point, of course, I don't know if it'll fly, but I'm pretty confident. The choice of sessions it four or eight; since I had designed a six-session course for the first one, I didn't think four would be enough, so designated eight. Applicants also have to briefly describe each session and, boy, this took hours. I may have overwritten it, and might cut it a bit before I submit it today.
Before I started this monumental project, I scrubbed and cut up my trove of new potatoes, putting skin and all in the slow cooker, along with onions and spices. Had a big bowl for lunch with just butter and salt and boy, it was good.
Called Betty and caught her walking to the Margate Post Office to mail off something or other that has to do with her recent accident. We had a good chat, but I felt sorry she has to go through this. She also has to take some documents over to the county courthouse(?) off-shore and will have to ask a friend to take her.
Later in the afternoon, I put the CSU project aside and drove to the library in town. (Boy, was it hot in there.) I've been reading Jacqueline Onassis: The Literary Years, about her editorship at several publishing houses in Manhattan, and came across mention of a book she edited called Dancing On My Grave. This was by a very famous ballerina who was active in the nineteen-eighties, and whose rather odd first name was "Gelsey." Looked it up by title, but it wasn't listed and was annoyed with myself that I had forgotten the last name. I mentioned it at the desk and was amazed that the woman there promptly said, "the last name is Kirkland." She smiled at my astonished look and said she was a devotee of ballet, so was familiar. Since it wasn't in the system, I requested that it be borrowed and I'll be called when it comes in.
On the way home, I stopped at Kohl's--want to find a pocketbook that will keep my keys and cell phone handy, especially as I have a 30 percent off coupon. Saw a few, but didn't buy; I may go back today and get one.
Made for dinner a dish my dear departed sister, Gene, had told me about: combine a pound of cooked, hot elbow macaroni with a can of peas and a six ounce can of tuna packed in oil, adding salt and pepper to taste. I think a lot of people wouldn't like this, but I do and make it every five years or so.
Sat down a 8:00 to watch television--what program? I don't know, I just flip around and see if there's anything interesting. However, I couldn't get it to show anything, interesting or not. It kept telling me there was no channel access and other incomprehensible stuff. I finally called Time Warner--this at close to nine o'clock--and was told to press this, press that, but still the no access kept showing. Rep said somebody would come today between 10 and 11, so okay, fine. Aside from the fact that I'm paying for the damn thing, I don't care that much, but it was kind of fun to see it the two times I did--much clearer than You Tube.
Insomnia again. I actually got up and revised some of the CSU stuff. A mistake; now it's close to nine am and I'm groggy. Guess I'll have to look into trying to remedy this.

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