Sunday, September 06, 2015

Back at the Place

Got to The Bonaventure about ten to drop off the flyers for the info meeting I'm having on Tuesday. As it turned out,Mary* doesn't work on weekends, but I really didn't need to see her anyway. I fell into conversation with one of the inmates (only kidding, Pat!) residents and we sat down and talked for 45 or so. She's very interested in the acting class, although she confided that she's been diagnosed with a memory problem. Whether it was called Alzheimers or not, she didn't know. She didn't show any evidence of it to me, anyway. I greatly enjoyed talking to her--rather more than I did with the conventional dames from the club. I've been aware for some time that there's often a huge difference between "assisted living" and "independent living" and Annie definitely has no need of the former right now.
It turned out I did buy a desk, on-line from Target, of all places. This isn't a computer desk; all those I saw in wood seemed much too massive for the guestroom/study and the metal/glass ones are so hideous they hurt the eyes. I ordered what's called a "campaign desk" or simply a writing desk. It's attractive, compact, and a good size for the small room. It has only three slim drawers, but that's all right; I'll improvise with the three-drawer setups I bought. I have too much stuff, anyway. The good part is, I saw it in the store for a certain price, then went on-line and it was on sale. Plus, shipping was free and it will be delivered right to my door.
Spend hours on the computer with various things, then went to the supermarket. Stopped at an auto parts store because the state mandates license plates on back and front, but the cars don't have a place for it in front! You have to buy a holder and have holes drilled in the front--geesh!
Going to meet Mary and people from the place this afternoon and go to The Flying H Group play.
*I picked up Mary's card and found that her actual title is not "activities director," but "enrichment coordinator." Pardon me while I heave.


iloveac said...

Very good RBM. It really is a bit like being an inmate though. It's just that we can get out of here whenever we want. I can't stand to eat with the same faces every night so I often do not join them for dinner. All said and done, there isn't a better place for me. Thank God I have a car and can go whenever.

Mimi said...

You're right, Pat, I heartily agree it's the best place for you and a lot of others (possibly including me, if it works out that way). And being able to drive--that would make all the difference to me as I know it does for you.