Saturday, September 19, 2015

Hook Up

The guy from Time Warner came at 9:00 and quickly hooked up my t.v. and my pho...uh, oh. He said I was missing a power plug for the landline; I must have simply forgotten to pack it, or lost it somewhere. Guy said I could just go to Radio Shack and get another one. Radio Shack? I thought they had closed. Well, he didn't know. I thanked him and said goodbye, then thought I'd just toddle off to Office Max and get the thing.
Four stores later, I discovered nobody has them--and some said it would probably cost more than my phones, anyway. The person at Target--very pleasant--said he had gotten such things for cheap at the thrift store, where they usually have piles of electronic cast-offs. Great idea and I went down to the Goodwill. I couldn't find one that fit, and may have to bite the bullet and get new phones. I did buy a nice, five-dollar hair dryer, which I've been without since I moved here. (My hair dryer at home, which cost many multiples of five dollars, is screwed into the wall in the master bath, so I hope Eileen is making good use of it.) While there, I also saw a small table that would go beautifully in the guestroom/study. I don't want huge, heavy furniture in here, and it will fit perfectly, along with my new desk Ellen and I will assemble today. However, I balked at the price--fifty bucks. Mentioned that to the cashier and lo and behold, he told me items with purple price tags, which this has, will be half-priced today!
Hip, hip, hooray! Very shortly, I'll drive over to get it. Not sure if it'll fit in my car; if not, I'll have to ask Ellen. Anyway, once I pay for it, they'll hold it for three days.
My friend called and hip, hip again, they made it the almost three thousand miles across country to New Mexico! I'm thrilled for them that they've reached the goal toward which they were working so diligently for so long. They have an acre and a beautiful house--can't wait to visit.
I called Betty to give her my new phone number--of course, it can't be used until I get the damn hook-up right. I was sorry to hear that she had been in an accident the day before (that is, Wednesday) in Northfield. It looks as if she'll get a citation for going through a red light, although she swears it was green. Nobody hurt, but her car was badly damaged.
Still without my e-mail, which I keep checking; guess it's going to take the outer limit of 72 hours.

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