Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Nothing interesting going on at the moment. I managed to hook up my landline phone, which actually works, but the Comcast thing is horrible. I don't even went to go into it here, and I won't.
Woman at the office called to ask if I would postpone my meeting with the manager and I had no problem with that; we'll meet on Wednesday.
Spent quite a bit of time researching other housing. Ellen suggested looking a duplexes, which I will. Problem is, Ventura has some of the least available rentals in the country. Cant't remember the stats, but here, apartments and houses are much more scare.
Looked at a duplex in a very nice neighborhood. Unfortunately, it's right next to the Freeway and even at 2:00 on a Monday, the traffic was horribly noisy. I called another place and will see the available apartment early in October. It's quite possible I'll decide to ride out my lease (ten more months) anyway, but it won't hurt to become familiar with what's out there.
Got a return call from Angela De C., who appeared in Mad Gravity; we had chatted after and she had given me her number. We talked a bit more yesterday and will get together shortly for lunch.
Now to call Comcast once again.

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