Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sleepless and Sisters-In-Law

Ugh, it's almost nine and I just got up. I've been having problems sleeping for quite a while--darn, I hope I can shake this. Woke at 3 am and was so unsleepy, I got up and went onto the computer for a time. For me, that's usually a mistake because it makes me more alert. Not sure when I finally dropped off, but I don't like this insomnia and haven't suffered from it for this long before.
As for Saturday, it was a this and that one. Got into the CSU Channel Islands site, printed out the proposal application, and started that. I was pleased to realize their "OTTI" program is pretty clearly identical to the FELS one at Stockton: various non-credit courses aimed at people over 50. Happy day, but I want to call that "Donna" and find out what the stipend is. I assume it isn't a volunteer thing; if it happens to be, I'm outta there.
Brother Larry called and I enjoyed our chat until he told me his Helen has developed memory problems. Helen never drove much, except to well-known and close areas, but now she has gotten lost going to them. It won't be a problem for her to give up driving; more problematic is the fact that she has to ask several times what Larry just told her. It's ironic: Therese, married to Jim, my oldest brother is in her late eighties and seems to have no such problem, yet Helen and Marybeth, both considerably younger, do. Well, I hope--not sure what to hope at this point...
Went to WinCo for groceries and a few other places. Took a dry run to the home where the "Living in the Moment" group will meet, but I think I was given the wrong directions by the woman I spoke to from BCNN. It's 'way down near the beach and the area was mobbed; I almost ran into a whole group of people on bikes. Anyway, didn't find it, but later, I looked up the hostesses' name in White Pages and got the address. I'll try finding it again on a non-weekend day.
Took a drive to Oxnard--sort of accidentally, but it was no problem. Stopped at a few places, but I didn't really need anything, so just looked.
Called El when I got home and we chatted. Greg is off today and they'll do something; she and I will hang out next weekend.
At 2:30 today, I'm going to the matinee at Santa Paula Theatre, which I'm anticipating with pleasure. I even plan to wear makeup, how about that?

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