Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Carolyn and the Computer

I had a fine time yesterday with niece, Carolyn. She got here about 11:30 and we chatted happily. After I showed her around the apartment, I asked if she'd like to take any of the many, many things that should have been left or discarded in Little Egg. She said she could use a few--throws and so on, and we decided she'd take them after lunch. In an hour or so, we were both hungry; I suggested we go someplace at the harbor and was able--with a few wrong turns--to get us there. Carolyn mentioned that one of the restaurants--Andria's (?)--was owned by the mother of a little girl in her daughter, Claire's class. We stopped in, but it seemed kind of fast foody and we decided on Brophy Bros. nearby. Carolyn said there's one in Santa Barbara, where she lives, and it's very popular.
No wonder. We sat on the partially glassed-in upstairs--in fact, I think it's all upstairs--overlooking the harbor with its boats and sails and glorious blue ocean. The food was excellent and we both had a beer with it--yum! Had great fun chatting and laughing and filling each other in on our busy lives. We left after a leisurely lunch and Carolyn stopped in so we could talk a bit more before she had to take her boy to his tennis lesson. Wouldn't you know, she forgot--and I forgot--to take the items I had shown her, but heh, heh, I'll make sure to save them for her. It was such a pleasant interlude.
Later, I sat down at the computer, only to be told I had no Internet connection. Turned it off, then on again, but no dice. Called my advisor, Ellen, who told me to unplug something on the box the Time Warner guy had left, leave for five minutes, then plug back in. I did, then tried it about ten minutes later--and it worked! Yay!
Heard back from the Santa Paula Theatre group to the effect I should get in touch with somebody name Howard Leader and ask to be put on his newsletter. It seems he lists upcoming plays, auditions, and other local theatre news. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how to reach him, but will pursue it.
Got a notice the water would be off from 9 am to noon today, for some reason, so I plan to camp out at the library in town.

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