Thursday, September 03, 2015


I fell into the honey pot! (Or however that silly saying goes.)
Arrived at the Museum Pavilion--a huge room; ceiling must be forty feet high--for the BCNN (Beach Cities Newcomers and Neighbors) gathering, not sure what I'd find. Would this be a bunch of old ladies who sew? Society matrons who would look down their noses at me? Forty- and fifty-year-olds who would have no interest in a biddy?
But no! As I approached. I was greeted by several women with name badges on. They couldn't have been more welcoming, even as more and more women were filing in. There was a membership table with the chair and an assistant at it, and when I explained I was a guest, they also were delighted I was there. Did I want to join? Yes, yes, and again yes.
Got the membership papers and another woman named Midge said she was having a new member meeting at her house on Friday and wouldn't I like to come? Yes! And I signed up.
A nicely decorated table was spread with coffee, tea, and so on and another had all kinds of yummy munchies on it--made by members. On the side were more tables with what I discovered were books and magazines members no longer used. Even better, attractive baskets held tomatoes, lemons, zucchini, and other produce they had grown in this Garden of Eden. Anyone could take anything wanted.
There were probably 200 woman there (I understand there are 300 members), at round and rectangular tables with tablecloths. I sat with the woman--Rose Buckley*--I had "met" on the phone, along with other nice people, including a woman named Maria, who will be at the new member meeting tomorrow, too.
The program was the color one--depending on your skin and hair color, everybody, it seems, is a winter, spring, summer, or fall and should wear only certain colors. Interestingly, about thirty-five years ago, I had written up for American Jewish Life, an article on this same color idea. I'll try to dig that out. Eventually, I think, I'll get around to volunteering to do the Dionne Quintuplet program for the group, but I have too much going on right now.
The meeting lasted until almost 11:00, then broke up. I understand anyone who wants to goes to lunch after and about ten people raised their hands. I thought I might, but had a lot of stuff to do, so decided to wait. Anyway, I sent in my dues and membership info as soon as I got home--I know I'm going to like this group.
Did a big wash and disposed of trash, then started to pull together my presentation for when I see the activities director at The Palms today. (I wasn't impressed with her manner when I talked to h er on the phone; seemed a bit unprofessional, but we'll see what happens.) That took several hours, but I got it done. While I was working on it, adorable little almost-two Mr. K. Skyped and we had a learned conversation involving colors; he knows not only boo and geen, but held up a block of clay that he announced was purple. It was.
Made myself an onion/garlic/mushroom/ground beef stir-fry in my new pan. Yummy. Went for a drive after, as I often to, glad to be so busy and glad to be here.
* Coincidentally, on audio books, I just finished listening to Christopher Buckley's Losing Mum and Pup. It's a wonderful book and he's a better writer than his Dad ever was, sez I.

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