Sunday, September 20, 2015

Hell, Comcast, and My Beautiful Desks

I know there's a hell and Comcast is running it.
What's that all about? Oh, la-de-da, only that I called them for the sixth time just now. The fifth time, I was told it would be up to 72 hours before I got my Comcast e-mail address back. Okay, it's been 72 hours and I'm still locked out. However, silly me, I had thought 72 hours meant 72 hours, but NO, Mimi, you dope--it means 72 business hours, so I won't be back in until tomorrow.
Oh, pul-lease, let that be it for this ordeal.*
Well, at least, my being cast out of Comcast led to a phone call this morning from Aline, who was concerned about her e-mail coming back as undeliverable. We had a good, long chat and she filled me in on the latest shenanigans in Players & Playwrights. So glad to talk to my friend and I'm still looking forward to her visiting.
As for yesterday: Yay! I sped to Goodwill just after 9:00 and bought the table I had coveted, which had been fifty bucks and was now a steal at $25. It looks great in the study, along with the beautiful "campaign desk" Ellen so expertly put together yesterday.
She got here about 4:00, bringing her tools, and dove right into it; finished in an hour or so and we substituted it for the temporary folding-tables arrangement. It looks gorgeous and I love it! I especially like the fact it's so solid; the other wobbled and shook with every keystroke. El and I then got the terrific table out of my car and brought it in. It's just right for the space and this will be my writing desk. We also substituted a smaller table for the one I had the printer on; looks a lot less obtrusive and I can use the other elsewhere.
By the time we had finished the work (well, she worked, I mostly watched), it was after six and I suggested we go across to Macaroni Grill for dinner. El had no argument with that, so we did, and had a fine time together.
Got home just before 8:00 I thought it was about time I actually watched television, so I sat for 45 minutes or so. Came across a documentary on Walt Disney; actually, I think I already had already seen it on You Tube, but it's an interesting bio, so watched part of it. I was surprised and annoyed at the number of commercials--I had forgotten about them. Oh, yes, I know I could get Netbox or Zoomflix (heh, heh) or whatever, but since I'm not interested, anyway, I wouldn't dream of paying for it.
* Love the cartoon that circulated on Facebook: Devil begs God to let him create just one earthly thing and God finally relents: "Okay, okay, just one" and the next panel shows flames surrounding the Comcast building.

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Meryl Baer said...

Just wanted to let you know I have been following your adventure in California. Glad you are settling in and meeting people. I sympathize with your Comcast problems. They are the company from hell.
Meryl Baer