Wednesday, September 02, 2015


Picked up my book at the library and had a nice chat with the pleasant man on the desk. He has a slight accent, which I thought was German, but no, he said, he's from Iran. It's funny, he seemed just as human as anybody else--but no, Iranians are not humans at all, but monsters that want to annihilate us, our government implies. Must remember that.
While in town, I took a dry run to the museum pavilion, where the coffee for Beach Cities Newcomers and Neighbors will be held this morning. It's easy to get to and I happened to see a young man with a nameplate saying he was manager of something or other. Anyway, he was very cordial and said I'd like the group.
Tidied up a bit, then went out and bought two more each of mugs and tumblers. I want to have enough to be able to put them in the dishwasher every week or so, and not have to wash them by hand at all. Oh, I'm a lazy slob, all right, but I see no reason not to be.
Went out and bought a larger fry pan; I had had only the small one and I like to stir-fry and otherwise cook up more than one serving for next-day meals.
Called the activities director of The Palms Holiday Independent Living and made a date to see her tomorrow at ten. I'll pitch my acting course--have decided to ask $60 for the six sessions--reasonable, I think, considering how much participants seem to enjoy it. We'll see if "Mary," the activities director, goes for it. Also called the person in that position at Cypress Point Independent Living, but she's out until Thursday. Will call her back.
It occurred to me my hair looked less than gorgeous, plus it needed a touch up, so I called Regis Hair in Pacific View Mall a few miles from here. Asked if I could get an appointment in a few hours and I could, in fact, there were several open. That should tell you something.
There's just no point in elaborating on the crapola I endured, but think bad color and worse comb out. But hey, it looks better than it did and I won't be going there again.
Got home to find an e-mail from Jeremy Coleman, the guy who read my blog about my antecedents and is interested in my grandparents' Domino Lane farm in Roxborough. Wrote him back just to acknowledge, but he has a lot of questions and I'll have to address them a more length later. Will also get in touch with my cousin, John, who's really the (extended) family historian, and much more knowledgable than I am.

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