Monday, September 28, 2015


As I mentioned, I slept late yesterday; didn't even have breakfast until almost 10:00. After that, I just did a few chores, then lazed around with the Sunday crossword puzzle. After lunch, showered, washed my hair, dressed, and yes, put make-up on. Left for the play--Nora--much too early and got there the same.
However, I was able to chat with "Carol," the snack lady and stage manager, before the play. She's an upstate New Yorker, but has lived in Santa Paula for many years. She doesn't act herself, but is one of the necessary aides and helpers for which all companies are grateful.
Nora is an adaptation by the film maker, Ingmar Bergman, of Ibsen's A Doll's House, both artists Norwegian, of course. I'm not familiar with the original play, but I know from Hedda that Ibsen can be pretty talky, so I bet this is an improvement. Funny, I remember the dispute we actors and other had over whether to cut long, long, somewhat turgid Hedda at all. Along with several others, I was in favor, reasoning that a translation can't possibly be done with word-for-word exactitude, anyway. We were voted down, however, and our presentation went on into the night.
The actors were so good. There were two females and three males, all really excellent. The only downside of the afternoon was the fact that there were exactly twelve people in the audience and four of them were connected to the company. Ouch, that's really demoralizing, as I well know, but the cast gave it their all, anyway. I was in the middle of the third row and had an excellent, unobstructed view of the stage. Annoyingly, three old ladies behind me chuckled and laughed inappropriately at certain lines; this isn't a comedy, dammit, and having had this happen to me once, I wanted to turn around and glare at them. Didn't, though.

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