Thursday, September 17, 2015

Water and Comcast

After being alerted that water would be turned off from 9 am to noon yesterday, I left about 9:15. Got to the library in fifteen or so, only to see it doesn't open until 10:00. Waited, while acting as captive audience to one of those annoying middle-aged men who think everything that happened after 1965 is the devil's work.
Got in when it opened and picked up a CD of a book by Mariel Hemingway, Out Came the Sun. As we all know, Ernest was her grandfather and the whole family has been living off his reputation for years, if not literally, at least via the name connection. It's recited by the author and I thought it would be interesting to listen to, but oh, boy, it isn't. Mariel's delivery is so wooden, so flat--think staccato in a monotone--I just couldn't continue. Drove back to the library after lunch, turned it in, and got a good, juicy wife murder CD--Georgia dentist offs his second wife and maybe his first, too--I haven't gotten that far, yet.
Ellen, who regularly comes up with good ideas, suggested I might want to see if I could get a DVD player at the thrift shop. It's possible my old one is still unpacked somewhere, but I'm not sure--it may have been left behind or I may have discarded it. It hasn't been plugged in for about a year; obviously, I'm not a fan of movies at home. (What I do want to see are usually easy enough to find on You Tube.) However, the guy from Time Warner is coming tomorrow to hook up the t.v. and I guess I might as well get a player. Found a Mitsubishi at my favorite thrift shop; fifteen bucks and you can return it within a week if there's a problem. While I was there, I also picked up something to run in it: Out of Africa, a movie I loved. (Hey, with Redford and Streep, how could you not?) I had read the book first and that's a fine, fine piece of work, too.
Went to WinCo for various, including a huge hoagie (sub!), only five bucks and loaded. Decided on that for dinner and it's so big, I ate only a third. Picked up two more bottles of cheap wine and a more expensive one, in case I ever have company.
Comcast has again cast me out. I'm asked to put in my i.d. and password, then told they aren't valid. Called again, explaining I know a friend can add me, and he (Frank-Formerly-Next-Door) agreed, but never got a chance to do it and I was put back, anyway. This time, Comcast asked for his number and said they'd call, but--I'm still locked out. Will call Frank.

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