Monday, September 21, 2015

Power Plug

My delightful morning call from Aline was the high point of the day--the rest of it mundane.
Having no luck at all elsewhere finding a power plug for the phone, and being advised by all to go to Fry's Electronics in Oxnard, I called the store. They didn't have a specific device for my specific phone, I was told,but they had a universal adapter. So why didn't I jump in the car and go there without another thought? Because the directions take you on the dreaded Freeway--Route 101 informally--and I was afraid. However, I screwed up my courage and determined to do it.
Actually, it wasn't so bad getting on. The right lane where you enter doesn't merge--merging is always a source of fear and trembling for me--so you just stay on until you reach your exit. While I was driving though, I noticed that those towering mountains on the horizon that had always seemed so majestic and benign, now looked dark, sinister, and threatening. However, I told myself that was silly and drove on to my destination, exiting at 61 in Oxnard, a very busy, bustling commercial area.
Found Fry's without too much trouble, but it took wandering all over the huge store and the assistance of three clerks to get the universal adapter. Damn, it was over sixteen dollars with tax and it occurred to me my phones cost only about thirty. Should I just get a new phone set? I'm still mulling it over.
Cut up Brussels sprouts and onions and put them in the crock pot. Cooked up some sausages and had both for dinner. Very tasty.
NOTE: I've now called Comcast a total of five times and spoken to six people. Each took all kinds of information and assured me I could resume my old address "within 24 to 72 hours." Never happened. Just now I was told they don't have the tools to do it at this time (implication was the system had a problem), but would call me when they could. As for g-mail, I can't get in. When I try, I keep being told somebody already has my i.d. and password. I'm at a loss.

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