Monday, September 14, 2015

Paperwork and The Flying H

Spent a bunch of time going through paperwork, including tax returns back to 2002. I separated out those that can be discarded and put them in a box in my trunk. Must find a place to shred, I guess. Also went through a bunch of folders, retaining and not reams of stuff. Came across the memoir written by my dear cousin, Marifran K., concerning her horrendous childhood with a schizophrenic mother. Reread some and impulsively called her. Marifran lives in Cincinnati, but had just returned from a week on the beach in South Carolina--in a condo, that is. We had a fine time catching up with each other's lives and talked for more than an hour.
In the meantime, Betty called and left voice mail. I called her back and we chatted. She told me it was Grandparents Day--really? Yet another "day" conceived and developed for the sole purpose of further enriching the greeting card, flower, and gift merchants. I won't buy into it and am glad I didn't hear from any of my grandchildren in that context.
Aside from various stints on the computer, I didn't do a lot the rest of the day until 6:30 when I left for The Flying H Theatre reading.
This was a play called "Resurruption," which concerns Jesus coming back to earth. It was sometimes interesting and fun to see, but really needs a lot of work. The playwright, who sat next to me, wrote it as a comedy--sort of--and there are some funny parts, but at the end, it suddenly turns solemn. Truth to tell, it becomes rather trite: Jesus goes back to heaven, saying people are now much more concerned with his image and images in general (t.v., Internet, cell phones, etc.) than his words, so he's leaving.
Anyway, just as in Players & Playwrights at the Jersey shore, we then critiqued the play, always an ordeal for the playwright, as I well know. Some compliments ensued, then the serious stuff, most on the mark. I commented that some of his dialogue among family members was terrific--very funny and true to life. I added, though, that the Jesus lines were kind of fuzzy--not very hard-hitting, if you think of Jesus as a confident being, rather than meek and mild.
Anyway, I greatly enjoyed being there. After, I had a good talk with Cynthia (she and her husband are the artistic directors), who made several good suggestions, especially what group might be interested in my one-acters. She also invited me to sit in on the acting workshop (for experienced actors) they conduct on Monday evenings. If you want to actually be coached, it's $150, but she said I'd be welcome once as a guest. I want to check it out and might want to sign up, as it's aimed toward experienced actors.
Got home at 8:45, happy I had been there.

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