Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Pedicure, My Pal, and the Pope

Finally got a pedicure and my tootsies turned out terrific. I picked some color or other--since I never go barefoot, I don't really care and no, I haven't gone to either of the pools yet. I'm not a big pool person and didn't feel like going alone, anyway. Plus it seems like a big deal to undress, put on a suit, splash around, take a shower, dress again. I'm just bone lazy, that's all.
I went early to the nail place and wasn't surprised to see that all the employees are Vietnamese, as they are in Little Egg. There has to be a story there and I'll look it up someday. Like a complete idiot, I wore my usual socks and sneakers--everybody else in the place had flip-flops on. (Well, yeah, duh.) The young woman who did my nails gave me a pair of foam ones and I wore them to walk to the car, then put my usual back on. Polish got smudged a bit, but I really don't care.
Kept my 1:00 appointment with Karen, Colony Parc's manager. She's very nice and I was as open and honest as possible re my request to shorten my lease. When I signed, I didn't know my apartment would involve steps: a single one, then a few feet and another single, then a few more feet, and three down. I told her the truth: I have a balance problem and also trouble with my knee. I said I wasn't talking about moving next week or anything and she said "maybe November?" I said, "yes, maybe November or even January." As I assumed she would, she said she didn't have the authority to grant my request, but would consult those at the corporate level. I had also anticipated she would ask if I would consider moving to a different apartment at Colony Parc, and she did. I told the truth: If I was going to go to the trouble and expense of moving, I would want to live in a place with no dogs. I mentioned the barking, although I've never been awakened from sleep. She accepted my answer and was very cordial. She'll take it from there.
If my request is honored, that's fine and I'll start right away looking for another place. If not, I'll just live out the lease, which is up in June. It isn't horrible here, I'm okay with it, just trying to get something more to my liking. I'm more knowledgeable now about what's available here (very little) and I know better what would suit me.
Found a new supermarket closer to town and got some chicken legs and other stuff there. Prepared my signature (ha--so grandiose!) lemon pepper chicken with them and baked all. Had one for dinner, so good, and froze the rest for later. I like to get out in the evening, so drove to Target after dinner. Didn't find anything I really need and bought a plastic bucket for a dollar. Well, everybody needs a plastic bucket!
Called my pal, Aline, and we had a good, close-friends talk. She's going into "the city" this weekend (as she does about three times a month), the same time the pope will be there. I have no interest at all in that event, aside from hoping the godless aren't inconvenienced by it.

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