Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Full Day and the Time

Got to The Palms early--I'm always early--and chatted with a few of the residents. Mary blew in and immediately told me the residents thought there was a fee to attend my information session--aagh! I had debated with myself whether to mention a fee, and finally put it on the sheet, never dreaming residents would think they'd be charged for the meeting. This points up a problem when you rush into something, not that I had had a choice, but ordinarily, I would have asked Mary to proof it. However, she did announce over the intercom several times that the meeting was about to start and there was no fee.
I guess about twenty people showed up. I gave my pitch, explaining what I do, how I do it, and so on. Took questions, bantered with attendees, then mentioned the fee and what they got for it: a six week, individualized course, with a show at the end. I sent around a sign-up sheet and had exactly one resident sign. Later, Mary said they probably thought the fee was too high.
This floored me. When I met with Mary to begin with, and mentioned what I thought was fair, she had enthusiastically agreed. However, no real harm done; I actually enjoyed my encounters with Mary and The Palms people, and I'm going to hone my presentation (and lower my fee) for the next place I approach.
Mary and one of the other admins then suggested I come to "Spa Day" tomorrow--yes, sure, why not?--then asked if I'd like to come for lunch today, then stay in the guest suite overnight. I was amazed at the invitation, but then thought, "Hey, why not, it's free, I now know several of the residents, and the suite (which I was shown) was very nice--it'll be fun". I said, "Sure, I'd like to," and that's where I'm headed in a few hours.
Yes, of course, Mary and Alex presumably get a commission for new residents and they have their eyes on me. Fair enough, but I have a lease with another ten months to run; more important, I'm not ready at this point or very soon for an independent living facility and I may never be--dunno.
Interestingly, Mary used to be the sales manager at Colony Parc, where I live. She said she also lived there and when her lease ended, they raised her rent by 300 smackers a month. I want to talk more to her over the next day and a half.
When I got home, I lunched on my leftover Hawaiian barbeque, then gathered up my books (printed and audio), and drove to town to the library to return them. It was closed. There was a sign on the door that said they had closed "because of high temperatures." No AC, of course, and damn, it really was hot, so I don't blame them.
Did the washer/dryer routine with my dirty clothes, then tried to get the Tokyo Threesome on Skype because this is a Red Letter Day: Mr. K.'s is two years old. They weren't on-line, but I was delighted when they Skyped me shortly thereafter. Hobnobbed with my precious, adorable grandson, who talked, laughed, examined his train book (he's pretty much obsessed--takes his actual toy trains to bed), and opened my present--a little plush dog that repeats one's words. He got a major kick out of it--laughed and laughed, as did his Mommy and Daddy.
So it was another full day.
Note: This is weird: I told Mary I'd be at The Palms today at 11:30. Didn't set the alarm and when I got up, my little bedside, battery-operated clock read 6:25. Washed, got my coffee, then sat down at the computer, as I do every morning. To my dismay, the clock on the screen read 10:00--darn, my cheap little clock must be failing, I thought. I decided to call Mary and tell her I may be late. Someone else answered and said neither she nor Mary were in yet, as it was only 7 am! What?! The computer clock had reverted to eastern time--I have no idea how or why. I switched it back, but I'm still puzzled.

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