Tuesday, February 28, 2017

In The Money

I'm skipping all the stuff about when I got up, what I ate, and so on and so forth, and just plunging in:
I pay for most purchases with my debit card, but occasionally with cash and I drop any change I get in a cup when I come in. Every once in a while, I transfer it to a jar and whenever it occurs to me, I cash it in.
Yesterday it occurred to me and I went to my bank--the Bank of America, this branch of which is a sinkhole of incompetence--and was pleased it wasn't at all crowded. Went up the teller and asked where the coin counting machine was and this conversation ensued: "We don't have one." "Then how do you count coins?" "We send them to L.A." "How can I get my coins counted?" "We can send them to L.A. for you, but it will take about ten days." Who-o-a! In tiny Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey, my bank had a coin counting machine that was free for customers to use. Here, they send to Los Angeles--fer cryin' out loud!
I tried across the street at the credit union and yes, they have a coin counter, but I'm not an account holder there and they took ten percent. What is really incredible is that they charge their own customers five percent. You'd think it would be gratis for them.
Anyway, I put my coins in--incidentally, the damn thing kept rejecting and I had to put them back--and I was pleased to see I had forty-three bucks and change. The ten percent came off of that, but still.
Doris called and she, Carole, and I will meet for the movies (Arrival) this afternoon. Went to WinCo for a few items and picked up some nice skinless chicken breasts. In truth, I like the skin, when I oil and season it, best, but mindful of my weight loss resolve, I bought them, roasted them, and had one for dinner. I still prefer dark meat with skin, but it was okay.
Went from there to the library and got a few things. Home for lunch, then out for a drive. El called and said the plumber was coming on Wednesday afternoon to install her new dishwasher and could I be there until she gets back from work? Sure.
When I picked up the mail, I found to my amazement, a check for $55.00 from some kind of class action suit in Jersey. Hey, I don't care what it's from, I'll take it. So that means I'm in the money--almost forty from my change, fifty-five here--wowee!
That a dime will get you a cup of coffee.*
*That's one of my favorite sayings, cynic that I am. Of course, to be anywhere accurate nowadays, it would be "that and a dollar and a half...," but that doesn't have the same ring to it.

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