Sunday, February 12, 2017

Looking Up

Well, I'm cautiously optimistic that things are looking up.
I got up at 6:00, so that was good, but I felt tense and worried, considering my schedule and the fact that I was still having phone problems. True, I was free over the weekend, as Nancy's son is sick and hadn't been able to replace her battery, so she had to postpone our Hill Street Cafe jaunt. However, I had committed to dinner on Monday with Sue and Carole at the new Copa Cubana at Ventura Harbor and to be eligible for one of ten free dinners, I had to text the place a certain formula. On Tuesday, Carole, Nancy and I are going to the casino--9 am until about 6:00--and I had a lot I wanted or needed to do: text that thing, get my hair trimmed, get a manicure, buy ink, contact Catherine's to make sure they had my SS number, and most important and time-consuming of all, I had to prepare for the Council for Seniors meeting on Wednesday morning.
Now that last was no simple thing. Suz had asked me, if Ventura Councilwoman Cheryl couldn't be there, to take over for her and introduce the audience to our restructuring the county's Senior Services Strategic Plan. I was to ask for volunteers to be members of a focus group--a quasi-official committee, I guess you'd call it--as well as briefly explain the Plan as it is now. I wasn't sure what Suz wanted--she often flits from one subject to another--I don't like to do this kind of thing off the top of my head, anyway. I wrote out a short piece and e-mailed it to Suz, to see if that's what she had in mind. It took a while, because I first had to familiarize myself with it.
As for the text thing, I called the owner to ask about it and his mailbox was full. Jumped in the car and drove there, found him, and he said he'd make an exception for me (he already had for Sue, as she doesn't text).
Called the nail place and got an appointment for Monday, went to the library, stopped at Smart 'n' Final and Vons for grapes and bread and managed to sandwich in calls to Catherine's and A.T.& T. billing, as they had the nerve to charge me the full amount for last month.
Upshot of that was they reduced the bill by about half--more than they actually had to--and best of all, a guy named Todd came and the phone might be fixed. I emphasize "might be" because he said he had changed all the wires outside, so if it happens again, it means the problem is either 1.) with the apartment complex wiring or 2.) with my phone. Ellen had given me them (she uses only her Smartphone) and they're pretty old. Todd suggested I buy an inexpensive phone from CVS or whatever and, if it happens again, plug it in. If it's affected also, it has to be the internal wiring; if not, it's my phones and I'll replace them. Finally, at long last, I got somebody to give me a straight answer about this.
Anyway, all the things I was worried about getting done are either finished or scheduled. I feel much better.
Note: This is a pretty long one, as I use the blog as my friend, Pat, does: to keep track of what I did when and so on.
Additional Note: I wrote that yesterday, February 11, would have been my husband, Pat's, 87th birthday. WRONG! He was born in 1931, so it would have been his 86th.

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