Thursday, February 02, 2017

BCNN Meeting and Other Stuff

I got to the Knights of Columbus hall almost an hour early--wanted to be sure I could get a parking spot. Doris drove in just as I did, and we went in.
The hall isn't bad. It's not as new as the museum, I guess, but it seems somehow more intimate and--well, I don't know, I guess "homey" is the word. Anyway, I was told that, unlike at the museum, they set up the tables and even provided blue tablecloths.
Sue and Carole got there shortly after, as did Sherry and Sue's friend, Ida. The program was by the director of the Maritime Museum in Oxnard (I've been there) and was well done. We all agreed we'd like to go before too long. Carole will go with Sue and me to the consignment shop in Carpetaria tomorrow; I must look for things I want to consign. We also talked about another casino excursion, possibly next week.
It was only 11:00 when the meeting was over and we had had coffee and a light breakfast; in my case, just half a bagel with cream cheese and some fruit. I dislike sweet things early in the day and most of what is usually brought are muffins, and even cookies and brownies. Nevertheless, when Sue suggested lunch, I was in. I mentioned Stephen's, the Greek restaurant, and that's where we went, but just Sue, her friend, Ida, and me. Sue and I had sausage on gyros--I was surprised that she knew what some of the menu items listed in Greek were, until she said she had waitressed years ago in a Greek restaurant.
We parted at 12:30 and I went home to do the laundry thing. I had neglected it too long and had a large load, but got it done reasonably quickly. Betty called to tell me that Westminster was moving to the main campus in Lawrenceville--hmm, too bad.
Went to WinCo for this and that, then to the library to drop off a few things. I'm still listening to the scientist, Richard Dawkins, who's speaking on biological topics. I'm surprising myself that I enjoy it, although I don't understand some of the terms.

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