Thursday, February 09, 2017

Suz and Cheryl

Got to the blood place at 6:40, which was twenty minutes early, but they took me in about five minutes. Home for breakfast, then putzed around (one of my husband's favorite sayings), which includedSwiffering the hard floors and doing stuff on the computer.
Finally connected with brother Jim and we chatted on family matters--benign ones--for a time. Also got a call from Sue, who invited me to lunch and to see the tall sips in Ventura Habor, which we'll do today. Showered and changed after lunch to get to Suz'es office at 1:30.
Suz Montgomery, whose mouthful of a title is executive director and resource coordinator of Ventura Adult and Continuing Education, is a mover and shaker in Ventura. Virtually everybody knows her; she's the one who appointed me vice chair (not vice president) of the Council for Seniors.
We had a good session. Cheryl Heitmann ., who was just re-elected to City Council*, joined us and we went over the "Senior Citizens Strategic Plan." Cheryl is a good friend of Suz'es (I can't help it, she uses "Suz," pronounced to rhyme with "ooze" and I don't know how else to make it possessive) and I like and admire her a lot.
We added a fair amount that we'd like to see happen for senior citizens (odious expression), which in this context is defined as 50 or over. Damn, that makes all four of my children seniors. My contribution included a dating service--well, why not?
Cheryl rushed off to another obligation after an hour, but I stayed until 4:00. Suz is a big talker and full of exuberant life. She's 69, looks maybe ten years younger, and has had cancer three times, the last two years ago. She's gone through chemo often and lost her hair several times. It's grown back and she wears it very short, which is a great look on her. She dresses just exactly the way I would if I had her figure (slim, of course): lots of black and white, a little red thrown in and there, vibrant green notes sometimes. She was widowed, then remarried and as we chatted, referred to "my dead husband" and "my live husband."
When I got home, I wanted to look something up and found the keyboard didn't type. AAGH! Oh, no! A catastrophe! I scooped the damn thing up, put it in a cloth bag, and rushed off to Office Max. The kid at the cash register turned it over, found the battery case--I didn't realize it had batteries--which he showed me, I drove over to WinCo, bought some AAAs, put them in, and it works--yay!
* She's been on the Council since 2011 and has been mayor of Ventura. That office is appointed from within the Council; not sure if it's on a rotating basis.

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