Saturday, February 04, 2017


As I was leaving to meet Sue at SCAN, Suzanne next door came out and we chatted. We agreed we wanted to see more of each other--she works part-time and I'm out a lot--so we'll pursue that (and see later).
Met Sue and we put some of my possible consignment stuff in her red cruiser and sped off to Carpenteria. (It's only about fifteen miles away on the Pacific Coast Highway.) It was rainy and misty, which half-hid the hills and made them mysteriously interesting. Got to Peggy's Hidden Treasures in good time and Sue introduced me to the owners, Wendy, and her husband, whose name I don't remember.
What nice people they are and what a terrific shop it is. It's very tastefully laid out, with the goods--jewelry, antiques, and other collectibles--in showcases and white shelves. It's all of top quality and while Sue showed Wendy what she had brought, I browsed. I saw a necklace with purple stones that I would kill for--well, I would have to, to be able to afford the price tag.
After Sue's business was finished, I brought my stuff in, mostly pictures. I was surprised when Wendy gently turned down the needlepoint pictures, in oval frames, but she said people just don't want them up anymore. She did take a picture of hand-painted flowers, as well as a primitive cloth piece I bought years ago from a professor at Rider who knew poor women in Columbia who made them. I had also brought some coins and the husband examined them while we went to eat.
Sue asked for a recommendation for lunch and Wendy mentioned a place nearby. On the way home, Sue took me to see the "oil spill," which, it seems, leaks out of the ground, but where we drove in was restricted or something. We arrived back at SCAN about 2:30, and parted.
I went immediately to the Bonaventure and saw Mary and Sam, manager and sales manager. I made clear there was no animosity on my part, but that they should know their resident--or maybe several residents--resented outsiders' presence at events. I was honest about the fact that I would almost surely never move there. I suggested they may want to bring this up in residents' meetings. Anyway, I think they appreciated that I was up front about it.
Stopped at Smart 'n' Final on the way home to pick up apples and a pork loin. I have a recipe with them for the crock pot and may make it today.
I found a note from Suzanne on my door when I got home, inviting me to dinner on Sunday. I knocked on her door and accepted the invitation with thanks.

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