Monday, February 27, 2017

Rituals, Relationships, and Residents

I enjoy my Sunday ritual so much, I look forward to it the rest of the week: coffee, computer, and crossword in the morning and I'm set for the day.
After the aforementioned (I just can't help myself!) and breakfast, I went to Barnes & Noble. I still haven't spent any of my gift card from Sherry and I thought they might have Laughing At My Nightmare, by Shane Buchaw. He in his twenties, lives in Pennsy, and has a rare muscle condition. He can do almost nothing for himself and eventually, he won't be able to swallow or breathe and he'll be dead. I'm "friends" with him on Facebook and think he's a neat guy in all kinds of ways.
Didn't find the book at B & N, so I guess I'll have to buy it from Amazon. I then went to Lowe's and bought another succulent dish for Sharon, plus two ferns for myself to put in the new two planters. Drove into town, meaning to go to the library, but remembered the horrible craters at the parking lot entrance and will go today, instead. stopped into several stores and got a few inconsequential items--they must be inconsequential because I can't remember what they are--then home for lunch. Beside a big salad and a dish of homemade apple sauce, I zapped the kale I bought the other day and it was absolutely horrible. I'll try cooking it longer, but after that, kale and I are going to end our relationship, which wasn't very good to begin with.
Went to the east end Goodwill and found a sensational faux fur small rug, which I'll put in front of the hall sink--love it! Also got a large terra cotta pot that looks great on the patio, three small saucers for under the smaller plants, a large one for the big plant, and a bag of flat marbles for anchoring plants. Total cost? Twelve bucks and change.
I saw Suzanne and another resident, Don, chatting outside and I stopped for a bit. Don has lived here ten years, Suzanne fifteen, which always pleases me. Don said he'd like the complex to be made an over-55 one, but I don't. There aren't many children in this part, anyway, but I like to see and hear them now and then. Besides, if that happened, I'd be willing to bet animals would be allowed and that's the one thing that would drive me away. Anyway, I asked Suzanne if I could get some information from her regarding a friend who might need help at home. She invited me in and gave me some leads.
Got an e-mail from Doris asking if I'd like to go to the movies on Tuesday with her, Sherry, and maybe another. I said yes, but will call George from Caregivers to see if he'll come before or after.

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