Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Copa Cubana

A pretty strenuous day. I took the triple trip (I love alliteration) to the laundry house and once I got the clothes sloshing in the washer, drove over to feed Sebastian. Once back, I transferred stuff to the dryer, had breakfast, then went back to fold and retrieve.
Nancy called to beg off going to the casino with Carole and me today--just had too much going on. We had a long talk--she and Betty are the only two I talk to for long periods by phone--and she asked if I was available on Friday. Yes, and we made a tentative date.
Drove into town, browsed in a few places, and picked up a cute little plastic dog for Mr. K., that "walks," barks, and plays music. By the time I got home, it was after 1:00 and I wanted lunch, so I switched my 2:00 manicure appointment to 3:00. Ate, showered, and got to Jessica's Nails on time. I picked a bright red this time (I had salmon last time) and it came out looking nice. Rushed over to Kohl's to see if I could find some nice earrings--I seem to wear the same silver hoops all the time and I'm sick of them. Didn't see any I wanted, so I left.
Got home and picked up the mail. Received a nice note and--I guess it's a New Year's card, one of those DIY efforts with your own photos. This was from Julie, daughter of my neighbor and longtime walking partner, Susan. She and I developed a strong rapport when I used to be invited to Susan's family gatherings at Sunrise Bay. Also got a Valentine card from Betty. I send them only to the kids and this year, I even skipped Joel, Jr., and Tristan.
Dressed and drove to Copa Cubana at the harbor to meet Sue and Carole and their respective spouses, Mac and Vane (name is English). We had a pretty good dinner, if you like Cuban food, which I don't much, but the paella was okay. We were right next to the loud, LOUD six-piece band, but luckily, they didn't start until we were finished dinner. We left about 7:15 and I was home twenty minutes later.
Today--the Chumash Casino.

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