Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Met Carole at the bus at 9:00 and we got to the Chumash Casino about an hour and a half later. This is located a few miles past Solvany and the scenery along the route--ocean and mountains--is spectacular.
I won a fair amount playing only with the casino's money before lunch, but frittered it away in the afternoon. We met up at 3:30 for Chardonnay in the bar and talked a blue streak then and through the day. (Carole has an interesting, to say the least, background, which would take ten entries just to outline.)
It was a pretty fun day, but much too long. The bus doesn't start back until 5:00, and there was heavy traffic, so we didn't get to Ventura until after 7:00. In the summer, Carole said she'd drive there, so we can leave earlier. Great idea, although I'm not even sure if I'm up for going back in the summer. I really don't like the noise, the flashing lights, the smoke, or frankly, much else about the casino except the Reuben and Stella Artois we had for lunch.
Didn't get the mail until I got home and found a pretty one-of-a-kind Valentine card from the Tokyo Trio, made by the Mommy, of course. Betty had also sent one and I called to thank her.
Anyway, yesterday was a long, long one, I'm glad it's over, and now I have to dress for the Council for Seniors meeting.

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