Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Lunch Bunch

The widder lunch was yesterday and Nancy had planned to go. Unfortunately, she e-mailed me to say there was rain and fog in Oakview, which she didn't want to drive in, and I don't blame her. I e-mailed her back and she then called to say she thought the weather had improved, so she had gotten dressed, but it was socked in again, so darn--she wasn't able to go.
I got there--to Marie Callendar's--at noon. Nine of us attended if you include the one who stays under the table (Titus, Chuck's dog). There was a new woman, who said she's been widowed only a month, and we all welcomed her. I was pleased to see my friend, Joyce, come in, too. She's preparing for her permanent move to Colorado in April and is, of course, caught up with getting rid of things.
Had the Santa Fe salad, which was okay, if not great, and my usual Blue Moon schooner. Chatted with Susan, who is going to Cuba on a "People to People" excursion in April. Boy, I'm green with envy--I'd go in a heartbeat if I could.
Went home after and changed, then drove into town and looked for some additional items for Mr. K. Didn't find anything, but was glad to walk a mile or two. When I got home, I called Nancy to tell her how it went and we confirmed our date for lunch and mimosas on Saturday. She suggested we see a movie after, and she'll look up the one about the female black scientist people keep telling me I'll like.

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