Sunday, February 19, 2017

Vinegar And The Ocean

It was still raining in the morning, but not as heavily and the wind seemed to have died down. It stopped about noon, I was happy to see.
Spent the morning with vinegar and baking soda; cleaned the toilet (including inside the tank) and the stainless steel double sink, using both products. As I do periodically, I ran the coffee maker through with a cup of vinegar to a carafe of water, then "flushed it" with several carafes of water before I set it up with coffee and fresh water.
After lunch, got gas, then went to Wal-Mart for this and that. I constantly resolve not to go there on weekends--preferably, not to go to any malls, supermarkets, or other stores then, because they're always so crowded. Do I violate my own rule? All the time, I'm afraid.
However, I got what I wanted and escaped with my life. Ellen called to ask if I'd come over about 3:00, as we were going to grade papers. Got there, but she decided we should first go see the ocean. (We never did grade papers.) She first gave me a lovely Valentine card--so sweet and she is so sweet. I don't know how I got so lucky to have such a daughter.
Off to the sea we went and--wow! Huge waves were rolling in, crashing against the jetties, and, whipped by the wind, throwing off great sprays of water. It was wild and so exhilarating to see the ocean after a storm. Somehow, the Atlantic never seemed as fierce, at least not in south Jersey.
We went from there to Wal-Mart, as El needed some things, including a watch. She wanted just a utilitarian one with a leather band to replace her old one, which needed a battery. I decided to take it and, depending on the cost, may get it fixed. I haven't worn a watch since I retired and see the time on my phone, but it might come in handy someday. I got some "perfume cubes" and other stuff I think you put on potpourri, as mine seems to be scent-less somehow.
Back at El's, we had Bistro MD for dinner and, as ever, good talk. She bought a new dishwasher and I said I'd be glad to be at her house to receive the plumber when it's delivered and/or installed. Otherwise, she's have to get it on Saturday and try to have installed at the same time.


iloveac said...

I use ½Vinegar, ½ water for most cleaning...e.g. counter tops, stove, inside of fridge etc. I thought you told me years ago you too used vinegar. I still use lysol or similar for toilet. BTW, I have never cleaned the inside of the!
I never thought to do it.
With this front load clothes washer we do have to clean the inside of the door rim (rubber, I think). Plus the instructions say to run some special Cascade monthly to clean the dishwasher and clothes washer. Never did I clean those two things in any of my other machines.

We do have housekeeping every other week. She vacuums and dusts horizontal surfaces, if nothing is on them. I call it 'motel clean' or 'lick and a promise'.

Mimi said...

Pat, I did used to use vinegar for different things, but kind of let it slide, aside from the coffee maker and I don't want to put any chemicals in that. I am going to clean my dishwasher by (this is advised, too) putting two cups of vinegar (in a glass container) in the empty dishwasher, then running it though the cycle. I'm still on this kick, by the way--see tomorrow's entry.