Sunday, February 05, 2017


'Twas a pretty slow day. I spent a lot of time on still more picture handling. I had bought a four opening frame, for which I searched out, trimmed, then mounted, pictures of my four children in caps and gowns when they graduated from college.
Pared and cored the Golden Delicious apples, added spices, and put them in the crock pot with the pork loin. Went out after lunch, meaning to stroll around town, but it was so jammed and there were no open parking places, so I drove away. Stopped at a store and got a teddy bear and little book for K.; I want to have some toys and things for him.
Stopped at Smart 'n' Final, meaning to get mostly cottage cheese and oranges. Bought several other things and forgot the cottage cheese--darn!
One of the good things about living alone is being able to eat dinner whenever you want. When I got home, the pork and apples smelled so good, I checked to see if they were cooked. They were, and at 3:00 o'clock, I ate--delish! Hey, you can eat at three a.m., if you want.
Went out after just for a drive and that was pretty much my day--the interesting parts, that is (HA!).

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