Thursday, February 23, 2017

Senior Scams and Other

I'm beginning to wonder if I'm losing it, considering:
Every third Thursday, Caregivers has a coffee, to which they invite their--well, caregivers. Since I've volunteered to be a phone caller, I go and I enjoy them. I had it on my calendar for yesterday at 11:00 am, but completely forgot about it. Darn. I did stop on my way to an event at Cypress Place to ask if my fingerprint report came in. It hasn't yet, so I'm still waiting for an assignment.
Doris had e-mailed me back that she'd like to go to the "Senior Scam" presentation and I met her there. (The public was invited to this.) An acting company that's actually called "Stop Senior Scams" did it, with original skits. I had expected to be somewhat bored, but thought I go to check out the acting company.
Hey, they were really good. I talked to their director before hand--Adrienne Omansky, who has only one arm--and we exchanged cards. Unfortunately, they're from L.A.and I won't think of going that far, unless we're talking Hollywood. Anyway, the ensemble sang part of show and, almost surely, some had appeared in paying gigs. It was great fun, actually, and I'm glad I went.
Went home and changed after, then drove to the library. I took back three books, only one of which I read--I just have too much reading material, with three more I'm partway through. Saw Sharon, from T.O.P.S. and she said everyone had been asking where I was (I skipped the last two meetings, I'm afraid). I told her I'd go today and I will, although I dread the scale. I've been eating everything in sight for weeks, I'm afraid.
Had a message from the Alzheimer's Association when I got home--maybe they somehow knew I had forgotten Caregivers coffee--and I called back. I had indicated interest in Alzheimer's research at one of the many gatherings I attended, and this was in reference. I imagine it's similar to the Brain Research Study at did at Stockton State and it seems feasible, I'll do it.

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