Sunday, February 26, 2017


I managed to stay out much of the time on Saturday. Did the back-and-forth wash chore in between breakfast, then went to WinCo for dish detergent and kale. I'm not nuts about kale, but thought I'd give it another try as a salad green, as it's supposed to be packed with nutrients or something.
Home for lunch, then as I was going out again--I want to get some plants for the two containers I bought--El called on the cell. Her new dishwasher had been delivered and she wanted to know when I'd be available to be there when it was installed. I told her almost anytime this coming week, aside from Wednesday morning when I have the BCNN breakfast. She said she was going to work in the patio and did I want to come over in an hour or so? Sure thing, and I did.
First, I went to Lowe's; didn't get any plants for my containers, but saw a darling little dish of succulents and picked one up for Sharon, from T.O.P.S., who's been very nice to me. Darn, I like it so much, I'll keep it and get another for her.
As it turned out, it was so cold--53, I saw on line--that Ellen didn't do any gardening, but we had a nice talk, ranging from one of her students to drug overdoses among older white males to L.A. Housewives. This was accompanied by peach iced tea and a little of the liqueur Cointreau. I had never had it before and I like it, but probably won't run out to buy any. I think it's pretty potent.
Anyway, went home, had a late (for me) dinner (salmon). Played some new Big Fish game on this sublime machine--or diabolic Big Brother horror--then went to bed and slept like a lamb.

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