Monday, February 20, 2017

Suzy Homemaker Is Me

Lovely weather part of yesterday--bright, sunny and reasonably warm, although it rained lightly later. Now, at 6:30 am, it's raining again--darn.
Sunday, I bestirred myself to do some of the other vinegar/baking soda tasks, including un-tarnishing several silver serving pieces. You just put a loose ball of aluminum foil in a pan of boiling water and baking soda, and it comes off like magic. It's certainly some kind of chemical reaction, but I got a kick out of it. In the mood, I also Swiffered my hard floors and otherwise cleaned up.
Went to Target for a dish detergent wand. I want to try another piece of vinegar advice: to put half dish detergent and half vinegar in the wand, then when you shower, use it to wipe down the inside of the area. For me, this is particularly pertinent because my shower is part of the tub and has a glass door (so does the one at my house, but that's a walk-in and separate from the tub). It's awkward to clean the combo here--I have to either reach around things or actually get in, which I don't like to do with clothes on. I'll give this a try and hope it works. I want to do a few other domestic chores, also. (How soon will I get bored with this Suzy Homemaker stuff?)
Went to town, thinking I'd stop at the library, but just didn't--too lazy to get out of the car, I guess--and drove back. Stopped at Goodwill and picked up two magazine holders; I had seen a tip on putting various containers in them and it worked well. I put one under the kitchen sink and one under the bathroom one.
I was delighted to hear back from Tokyo son that it's okay to invite his cousins and their families to see them the day after they arrive.
Widder dinner tonight. I hope it stops raining so Nancy can drive in.

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