Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Hair, Nails, and Happy News

I got to my noon hair appointment early, but no prob, as Amanda came in shortly thereafter.
I like the way Amanda colors and cuts; what's more, I like Amanda. We have a good time, talking easily together, and having a few laughs, too. I greatly dislike having my hair done--never did like it, as I get antsy just sitting there that long. It makes it bearable to have a compatible stylist doing the deed, which I have in Amanda and I appreciate it.
Went home for lunch, then to Jessica Nails for a manicure. All the employees there are Vietnamese. In fact, all the employees at the nail place I went to in Jersey are Vietnamese, too. Maybe all the hairdressers in the country--on the face of the earth, even--are Vietnamese. In any event, since I've been to Vietnam, I like talking to them. Yesterday, I had a lovely woman--fiftyish, I guess--named Diane. I'm going to ask for her when I make an appointment for a pedicure (another event I greatly dislike).
After, I went to The Avenue, which was having a big sale. Their clothes are very pricey, it seems to me, but when you're over a certain size, I think they're just tops. Anyway, I got a spiffy jacket (black with silver buttons and trim), a long shirt (sort of silky, with silver trim), and a red and black top. Altogether, they came to only forty-five bucks. Considering how good they look, that was a bargain.
When I got home, I checked my e-mail and was thrilled to see a message from the Tokyo Trio--they're coming to visit! Oh, happy day, they should be here for a week in March and I'll get to see the adorable three-year-old, plus my dear oldest his dear wife--yay!


iloveac said...

That is so wonderful they are coming. What a thrill to meet the little one for the first time. I'm excited for you. March is just around the corner.

Mimi said...

Thanks, Patti!