Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Cards and the Beach

Gawd, it was gorgeous again--temp 70, hardly a breeze, and no humidity at all.
I called Carole and we had a long heart-to-heart. I told her I had gotten in touch with Sue, but I hadn't thought to ask if she was going to the BCCC breakfast tomorrow. We also discussed at length the incident that came up at the Bonaventure on Saturday. She feels the same way I do--about events there and also, the wine and music at The Townhouse. We agreed we were going to cool it. Maybe--but only maybe--we'll go once or twice a year, but certainly not every week at The Townhouse or frequent events at the Bonaventure.
Carole mentioned that the Black Angus has happy hour every Friday, and why didn't we meet there, instead? I think that's a brilliant idea and we decided I'd e-mail the others to tell them I was going to suspend my attendance at the other places and say something like "we'll have to think of something else." Then she can write back about her idea, which I'll enthusiastically second. (Intrigue among the old ladies!)
I had gotten the Singapore sisters little light-up Valentine bracelets and heart-shaped note paper. Went out after lunch for a card to go with them, then went to the P.O. It annoyed me no end that they were regarded as "a package," even though I had gotten the little gifts in the card envelope, so it cost $13.95 for postage.
I had two bracelets left over, because I had forgotten I had already bought some, so decided to send one to Mr. K., in Tokyo. (His parents aren't hung up on gender-identity.) Got a card for him, too, put the bracelet in, and went back to the post office. Incredibly, the postage would have been fifteen bucks! I knew his Dad would be furious that I spent that much for a doodad, so I took it back, bought another card, and will just sent them. Damn, I know he would have liked the bracelet because it lights up. Oh, well...
Went to the library and picked up an audio book by Richard Dawkins, having finished listening to the Amanda Knox one. I didn't get any books, as I've got three out I still haven't read. After, I was at loose ends and actually drove down to the beach. Took my folding chair out of the trunk and sat on the sand for an hour.
What a lovely place! The setting is so different from the broad white beaches in Ventnor, with the boardwalk and almost nothing else added. Here, there are rocky jetties extending out that the waves crash on and, of course, the eternal hills and mountains in the background. The sand is coarse and brown, not like Jersey sand, and normal erosion has formed deep cliffs, so you can access the water only here and there. The ocean itself seems different--more wild, even fierce, with big rollers smashing on the sand. It was heavenly.
Sitting there, I was startled when a young man approached me; he didn't look like a homeless person, but I didn't know. He said, "There's a lot of debris on the beach," and pressed into my hand three sand dollars, then walked away. I was so surprised I said nothing, but I took them home and washed them and they'll make me remember that day and to go back.

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