Monday, January 09, 2017

A Really Awful Exhibit

It turned out to be a fairly interesting day. Ran the dishwasher and did other household chores (exciting stuff, yes?). Went on Craigslist, as I'm in the market for both a wooden kitchen table and a coffee table. I contacted somebody with the latter in which I might be interested (it's new, not used), but for various reasons, decided against it.
Went to Sofas, Etc. and saw one I might consider, as it's the right size and price is okay, but it has a glass top and I don't know if I like that--seems dangerous, maybe. Stopped at Target, but they had nothing I'd buy. I thought I might as well look as some of the pricier, gently used stores downtown and drove there. Looked in a lot of stores, but really didn't see anything that caught my eye.
I had parked at the museum lot and stumbled on its grand re-opening, so wandered in (they weren't charging yesterday). Lots of people there and I just looked at this and that, then went into an exhibit called--weirdly, I thought--"Really Awful People." It turned out to be models of, and short vignettes about, various historic figures, such as Herod, the Borgia family, Hitler--in other words, notorious murderers. I was stunned to see that the last figure--depicted bare to the waist and brandishing a sword over his head--was Vladimir Putin! The plaque with the figure is pure U.S. propaganda, presumably never questioned by the "artist" and those who approved this travesty. In the comment book and in a note at the desk, I expressed my strong disapproval--and disgust--at this demonizing of Russia in order to launch the World War III our psychotic "leaders" are determined to foster.
Drove off mulling this over and went to Smart 'n' Final for a few things. Ran into Gabrielle and we talked for twenty minutes or so; made a date for lunch on Saturday at the Hill Street Cafe.

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