Tuesday, January 10, 2017

This and That

Chilly, drizzly, dark and dreary--geez, I could have stayed in Jersey for that kind of thing--however, I didn't let it keep me from my appointed rounds.
I had gotten a private message from Jeanne Dollard Painter, saying she thought I had probably heard about Teddy Mooney's death. I hadn't, so called her. Teddy died of cancer on Saturday, I'm sorry to say--another HSHS '54 grad gone. Pat R. e-mailed me about Teddy's death, also.
Jeanne herself broke her ankle in October--a bad one, as she had to have surgery and has two screws and a something else in there. She is recovering, though. I called Betty about Teddy, who said Muckie has told her. Betty was still in California, but was leaving today. I hope she goes to the doctor as soon as possible to get to the bottom of her gastrointestinal problems.
After my usual morning routine, I put broccoli florets in the slow cooker, along with some oil and seasonings, then took off for Sears Automotive. After a lot of back and forth, the upshot was I could get two tires made for my car for $300.01 or four tires that weren't, but are still okay for it, $475, because one is "free." Highway robbery, of course, and I wasn't about to shell out almost five hundred bucks. I only need two, anyway, as they'll rotate them, so why go that route?
I noticed a sign that said Sears would match any lower price from elsewhere, so I went to Pep Boys. I showed them what Sears had written out, and they gave me a price of $261 for the two--forty bucks cheaper. I may or may not visit another place or two, but think I'll just go to Pep Boys. Presumably, Sears would do it for the same price, but why should I patronize them after having to run all over town?
Stopped at the office and confessed to Jim I had appropriated a lime and he said I was welcome to take them. When people leave Ventura DelSol, he said, the gardeners remove what's in their patios and if it's any good, replant it on the ground. A good system, I say.
Jim goes to T.O.P.S. (but a different group than the one I'm in), and has lost 61 pounds; more significantly, he's kept it off for many years. He told me he's a night eater, too, and has shredded wheat with Silk almond milk. I immediately went to Smart ' n' Final and got those two things--will see if I can eat that instead of the more caloric stuff.
Called Linda T. (the one who lives in this complex) and we made a date for lunch on Wednesday. She suggested the Macaroni Grille, which is one of my favorites, so I was delighted to accept.
Went on-line to order new business cards for my acting course. I made slight modifications, including the name, now "Acting for Amateurs," and my current phone number.

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