Sunday, January 22, 2017


I bestirred myself early on and vacuumed the carpets, then swiffered the hard floors; changed the sheets. All that took about a half hour. Showered and washed my hair and set off for The Bonaventure and its 12:30 lunch and "hoedown."
Doris got there shortly after I did, then Sherry came, bringing her husband, Pat. She had told me he has Asberger's, but I'm not sure this was actually diagnosed or she simply decided it. I think he probably is within the spectrum--taciturn, seemingly a little spacey, and converses only when somebody asks him a question; he shows little interest in others. However, we talked and I got to know him a bit while Sherry chatted with Doris. After a fairly good lunch, Pat left, and Sherry, Doris, and I went to the separate building on the grounds for the entertainment: country music played by band of five men, close to my age, obviously.
Now I'd rather listen to a toilet flush than country music, except for Hank Williams, of whom, seemingly, the musicians were unaware. However, I suffered through it and even clapped hands in time to the music.
It was difficult, but I restrained myself from strangling Sherry, who talked throughout every single number, just as she and Doris had done during The Townhouse music programs. These are live performers, dammit, and it's not only rude, it's bush league, classless behavior to gab while they're playing. In fact, I now resolve either to avoid such outings with Sherry or to sit elsewhere.
Anyway, it was over in an hour and, although line dancing was being taught in the main building, I split. Went to Michael's to buy two small easels for ancestor pictures, then to Smart 'n' Final for provisions. When I sat down at 8:00 for my daily hour of television, I found it would show only the travel channel. Neither the clicker nor the controls at the screen would change anything--so annoying. Instead, I went to YouTube and watched two Biography shows, one on Jack Nicholson, the other on Gloria Grahame. It then occurred to me that maybe the remote needs a battery--will check shortly.
A big storm was predicted to start last night and continue today and yes, it is raining, but I'm not sure how "big" it is. Hope it doesn't last all day .

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iloveac said...

Yes, the TV here is sounding scary about the storm coming to So. CA. Hope it's not so bad.

You are nicer than I. I probably would have asked those two to please not talk. Of course, they wouldn't like me after I said it...but that's fine. I is downright rude.