Saturday, January 28, 2017

Gadding About

I wasn't going to, but impulsively decided to show up at T.O.P.S. anyway. I'm glad I did because I actually lost. I don't remember how much and I'm not too excited about it, as I had gained a fair amount last week. I took my 51-year-old Weight Watchers Cookbook and we had fun looking at all the old--very restricted--recipes. As I remarked when I joined WW all those years ago, I weighed maybe 130--thought I was a tub.
Carolyn, one of the other members, mentioned an estate sale near her house (at "Poinsettia Gardens"--so picturesque), so I went over later in the day. I saw a very nice wicker easy chair which tempted me--it was $50, but I would have negotiated--however, I reluctantly decided against it because I really don't have any place for it. I did buy a pretty box with birds on it for five bucks. I'm a sucker for pretty boxes.
Other than that, I did get lots of pressing things done, including taking back the battery tester and 9 volt battery, which are supposed to be put together, but nobody could get it to work. Went to Target looking for another one, but think I'll just buy one on-line. I finally called Communications Services, as I haven't been able to watch T.V. since Sunday. This isn't too much of a problem, as I've gone to Biography on YouTube. Ellen had suggested I unplug "the box," then plug it in again and the CS person said the same. I did and it works!
Went to the library, took back two books and picked up another. Stopped at WinCo for this and that, then high-tailed it home.
I didn't go to The Townhouse thing; I don't feel like stewing over Sherry's constant talk. Guess I'll see her and Doris today at the Bonaventure's Chinese New Year lunch and let us fervently hope they don't gab during the entertainment. I'm taking Nancy to it and after, I'll promised to introduce her to "The Bargain Box," the spiffy new thrift store in town.
My niece, Carolyn, sent me an e-mail inviting me to a gathering on Sunday at her place. She had attended the "Women's March" in D.C. and this is to "to keep the momentum going" and write postcards to attendees' senators.'s a little discouraging that only a handful of people--most of them cyber friends on Facebook--understand my political beliefs and so many assume I'm a democrat. I was taken aback to be invited. I wrote back asking if she'd elaborate on the purpose and we'll see.
I forgot to mention yesterday that Ellen called Thursday night, asking if I was free today. Darn it, no, because of the Bonaventure thing, but we decided I'd stop at her place at 4:00 after my other activities, and we'll do dinner.

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iloveac said...

I got a battery tester from Radio Shack (I think) , and it doesn't use batteries. Works fine.

I don't think supporting the women's march automatically labels you as a Democrat. It's all about our rights.

I support all their issues with exception of right to abort a fetus. I'm not just a 'pro birther' either. I do care what happens to those babies born into dire circumstances etc, but I can't do much about it. I'm not in favor of capital punishment or war either. Not into the letter writing thing....but I've heard it does get attention of those who might be able to be swayed.