Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Daily Round

Damn, I discovered I can't get a dial tone on my landline, although all three sets are lit up. Think I'll just wait for the AT & T guy to come tomorrow; still can use the cell.
Got to the Council for Seniors meeting early and chatted with receptionist Beverly and Usually-There-Steve. Sherry and Doris came in soon after and we sat down. The agenda included a vote on whether to elect me vice president and--after a hard-fought campaign--I'm in. Okay, there were no other candidates and I was kind of hand-picked, but hey, I get to sit at the table with the chair, Suz,* and secretary, Lori.
Lots of business went on and I got my first assignment: to get in touch with John Moore, editor of the daily Ventura County Star, and Sheldon Brown, editor of The Breeze , a weekly, and get them to address the Council on getting more local stuff in the papers. Will do. I also volunteered for a few other things--can't quite remember what they are. It was an interesting meeting that finished in an hour, as they all do. One of the many things I like about Suze is that she runs a fairly tight ship; she welcomes all kinds of opinions and comments, but if people go on too long, she skillfully ushers them off stage, so to speak.
Home for lunch, I made myself a grilled cheese sandwich with the Swiss cheese Suzanne had given me and was it good. I had defrosted half of a pot roast (uncooked) and put that in the slow cooker along with vegetable "juice" I had also frozen.
Called Vistaprint on the off-chance they would make good my dissatisfaction with the business cards I ordered, even though the problem was my fault. To my surprise, they will and I should be received new ones shortly, free of charge. Classy company.
Went to the P.O. to mail off the family photos to my cousin's widow in Doylestown, then went go to the mall and tried on a few tops, but I didn't see anything I liked and really don't need clothes, so didn't buy. As I was coming out, my brother Larry from Miami called. He asked if I'd send to Jack B.'s son, Joe, some of the pics with Jack in them as a kid. Sure will. Stopped at The Alliance thrift store and ran into Carolyn, whom I know from T.O.P.S. and we talked for a time. The pot roast turned out tender and tasty; had it for dinner with salad.
* Rhymes with "ooze."

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