Friday, January 06, 2017


Blub, blub, it was raining again when I got up, so no walk yesterday, either.
However, it cleared in a few hours and I was able to get at least the whites and lights to the laundry building. Took my few--but more than I thought--Christmas decorations down and will store them as soon as I got a larger container. They seem to have multiplied since the holiday.
Nancy called and we had a long, long talk. She asked if Tuesday was okay to go to the Chumash Casino via bus. Perfect, and it's good for Carole, too, so that's what we'll do. Betty called to say she wouldn't go back to the east coast tomorrow as scheduled, but would stay in California until her knee heals.
Went to Wal-Mart for a few things, then stopped to browse in a new thrift shop that opened. This is a pricey one, with a lot of great stuff; I didn't buy, though. Went to Barnes & Noble and discovered that the gift card Sherry thought was depleted, actually has forty bucks on it--yoicks! I certainly want to give it back to her, but I'm not absolutely sure somebody else at the party didn't give it to me. I e-mailed those whose gifts I didn't know, and asked them to let me know.
Called Ellen, then stopped over to get a bigger container for my Christmas stuff.

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