Friday, January 13, 2017


It rained again! This time, though, I was ready for it. I was glad to see I had kept my boots and I wore them most of the day.
Went to the sheriff's office for my 11:00 appointment to get fingerprinted for my volunteer "job." Stopped at WinCo after for several items I had forgotten before, mostly non-food stuff.
Kept my 2:00 appointment at Pep Boys to get new tires. That took about two hours, so I just wandered here and there in the neighborhood; luckily, the rain had stopped. I went into a furniture store--I'm still looking for kitchen and coffee tables--and browsed at a used book shop, then went to Goodwill across the way. I bought a cute carrying bag with "Milano" and a kind of Art Deco (my new fave) woman on it. I think it'll be the right size to take to the casino next time we go. Went to Vons and got four containers of blueberries, which I like as a snack.
Back to Pep Boys, I sat in the waiting room for another 45 or so. That was okay, as I like just watching the passing parade. Got my little blue beauty back, all fixed up with new wheels and drove off. Stopped at Sofas, Etc., and looked again at the coffee table I like. Measured it and I think I might buy it; we'll see.
I took a dry run to Carole's house, as I promised to take her elderly (92) neighbor, Jean, home after Dr. Wordling's talk today.

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