Sunday, January 01, 2017

So Long to 2016

Got a fair number of errands and chores done. It rained--so annoying--but at least I found my umbrella.
Called Betty, who will come for the widder lunch tomorrow, stay over with me, then continue on to her son's in L.A. for the trip home. I'm thinking of asking Suzanne next door if she'd like to come over for dinner with us. I have meatballs and sauce left over and will get get more spaghetti, add a salad and Chianti, and we're in business.
Called brother Larry to thank him for coming to the party and the gift; he called me back from the airport. He'll be back in Miami now. Called brother Frank for ditto, but he wasn't home. Marybeth answered and said she'll tell him I called, but I'm not sure if she'll remember. Completing the trilogy, I called dear brother Jim, in Virginia, and we had a good talk. The thought of my world without him is overwhelmingly sorrowful to me. I must think of something he'll really like for his ninety-first in February.
Went to the supermarket for pantry items and the library for mental supplies. Got a message from my cousin, Sally, in San Diego--darn, called her back with a message, then she called me back. I was sorry to hear she had fractured her hip shortly before Thanksgiving. Had surgery and it seems to be healing. Sal is just fifteen days younger than my brother, Frank; both will be 82 in January. She was very athletic--ran marathons until she was in her seventies--and is determined to get her strength back.
Talked to friend Nancy, who had greatly enjoyed the party, and we had a long chat. I'll see her and my other friends who were there on Wednesday at the BCNN breakfast.
El called to invite me to dinner today and that will be fun. Mike and Paula left for San Diego to see her father, but will be back tomorrow or Tuesay, I think. They leave to go back to Singapore on Wednesday--sob!
Did some financial stuff, which is now a pleasure, since I'm rolling in dough--ha! Okay, these things are relative, but considering the lower rent and health insurance, I really do have plenty for my needs and I'm happy with it. Good thing, as I desperately need new tires.
When I was driving back from the bank, I saw a glorious rainbow arcing across the sky. A sign? An omen? No, I don't think so, but nevertheless, it lifted my spirits on the last day of 2016.

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