Thursday, January 05, 2017

BCNN and Mimi's

I had set the alarm for 7:00 and got up then, although was tempted to go back to bed. However, I didn't, washed, had my coffee, dressed, and got to the BCNN meeting by 9:30... the pouring rain! Yes, it was raining--geez, it was like Jersey, so annoying--but I had found my umbrella, so braved the storm. Nancy, Carole, and Sherry were already there and had saved me a seat. I was taken aback to hear from Nancy that she had tried to join, but was told since she lives in Oakview (near Ojai) and it's not a beach city, that she couldn't. Later, though, she talked to the membership chair and they allowed her to join.
It was announced that we'll no longer meet at the museum because they raised the fee for the room from $300 per session to $450. Instead, the officers have gotten the Knights of Columbus, which is nearby and actually has more parking, always a concern in southern Cal.
Nancy, Carole, and I then went to Mimi's for lunch--or rather, breakfast for them, as they both had fried eggs. I wasn't at all hungry, having eaten sweet stuff, which I don't like during the day, but for some reason, almost all the food at the buffet consists of muffins, brownies, and similar fare. I just had a side of herbed potatoes (hash brown type) and a mimosa, which was yummy.
We were there for almost two hours talking, mostly about our former and present husbands (Carole and Nancy have been married twice and three times respectively), but finally left, with rain still falling. I drove home immediately and stayed in the rest of the day. (Guess that shows I'm getting to be a real west coaster.)
Betty called to say she had had a sudden problem with her knee. Steve took her to an walk-in emergency place, where they ex-rayed it. Could be either ligaments and cartilage or whatever, I guess. Anyway, it doesn't hurt at all except when she walks.

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