Sunday, January 29, 2017

Full Day

What a good, full day. I met Nancy at visitors' parking at 10:30 and drove the two of us to the Bonaventure and our usual front table. Doris came shortly thereafter, reporting that Sherry wasn't coming, as she wasn't feeling well. (No loss, I thought, but I didn't say it.) The piano player was superb, there was a singer who was a dead ringer--vocally, not physically--for a young Sinatra, and the little girl who did hi chi was adorable. The entertainment took a good hour and a half (a little too long, maybe), and after, I spoke to those involved, plus the wife of the piano guy. We exchanged cards and who knows? Maybe we'll cross paths again.
A woman who knows Doris sat with us and I liked her right away--she's a little kooky. Susan is half Chinese, half Filipino, has a Eurasian son who's a biologist, but also works as a--I think she said--"pharmacist in training" at CVS. That seems a peculiar setup, but who am I to question? Susan is a bit over five feet, I guess, very slender, and dresses something like a teenager, but one with money. She looked adorable yesterday. Unfortunately, she has MS, uses a cane, and has some kind of apparatus on her leg.
Lunch was served and I chose pork fried rice (an odd version, no doubt dreamed up by the Hispanic chef, as it contained canned Mandarin orange slices). It was okay, though, and all was well, except when a resident stopped at our table. We thought she just wanted to say hello to Doris, as D. had sat with her when she went to the Bonaventure for Thanksgiving dinner because she "didn't want to be alone."*
However, the woman shocked us by saying to Doris, "You've been here four times since're invaders...we live here and we don't want you..." and more in that vein. We just sat there with our mouths open. When I mildly mentioned that if more residents didn't come in, she'd be paying more, she snapped, "I don't care about that!" I wish I had thought to mention that she should take this up with the Bonaventure administration.
Anyway, it put a damper on the outing and now I'm not sure if I want to go back. They invite us--in fact, Sam, the sales manager, also calls me--but if the residents resent us, maybe it's time to end these excursions. Of course, we're invited because they'd like us to move in, and we enjoy going to the events, but I may just cool it now. Not sure. I'd like to have you-know-who's** opinion on this.
After, I took Nancy to The Bargain Box, the new, nicely done thrift store, and she bought two dolls, which her daughter collects. We drove back to my place and Nancy got her car and left, after a nice day. I'll see her on Wednesday at the BCNN breakfast, as I will Doris and others.
Changed because it warmed up a lot, and got over to Ellen's about 4:30. I said I'd like to go to some place I hadn't been before and she suggested Stephen's, a Greek restaurant in town and that's where we went.
What a find! We each got a "Euro-plate," which came on very large, square plates, and included lamb strips (wonderfully flavorful and tender), salad, dolmas (grape leaves stuffed with rice), pita bread, olives, hummus, sour cream, and other yummy items. We ate our fill, but both had plenty to take home, which I'll have for dinner tonight.
* Of course, I said I wished I had known, as we would have been happy to have her at Ellen's. She said Carole and others had also asked her, but she didn't want to "intrude." Too bad.
** P.M.R., of course.


iloveac said...

Here I go. It is a marketing event to attract potential residents. I have no qualm with folks who have been invited. However, I don't like folks coming to events who absolutely know they would not or could not move here.
Then on the other can create a positive face to the surrounding community. Folks talk and say "Oh I love that place"....that's good advertising.
That woman who approached your table was definitely out of line. One of the visitors should notify Admin about that kind of negative output to the community. Perhaps the residents need to be reminded why the events are open to the community.

Mimi said...

Pat, I greatly appreciate your comment and, especially, your honesty. We've definitely been going to the Bonaventure for the entertainment and lunch in a nice atmosphere, all of which is free (for us, but certainly not the residents are paying for themselves AND us). It's true I comment to others in positive terms about both the Bonaventure and The Townhouse, but no, I'm almost surely not going to be moving into either. I think we have indeed been spongers; I've felt that way about going to the wine and music at The Townhouse for some time. I think I'll cool it with both of them. I'll go to Dr. Wordling's lecture at The Townhouse, as that's open to the public, but probably will skip the others. I'm acquainted with both Mary, the assistant manager and Sam, the sales manager and maybe will let them know--but without rancor--the resident's words of resentment. Pat, THANKS very much for the input!

iloveac said...


I don't know that I'd stop going ---you are giving them free advertising----the residents need to be reminded. We are non profit and we have to show that we give something to the community. Folks come here thru an arrangement with the Y, and they use our pool.

I hope you call Admin or Sales about that resident,and suggest they remind residents why it's a good thing.
Thanks for asking my 'take'.