Friday, January 27, 2017

Finally Free to Roam

Went to the Caregivers monthly coffee at 11:00. There was a program on Alzheimer's by one of the staff for that organization in Camerillo. I thought I'd be bored, but I actually found it more interesting than Dr. Wordling's presentation last week. It may have been the setting: Instead of being part of a large audience in a large room, we sat around a table with coffee, cookies, crackers, and cheese. Monica, the rep from the association, was good; she more or less talked off the top of her head in a very engaging manner. At one point, she asked if anyone would be interested in being part of a study--I volunteered, as I had already been in a brain research study at Stockton State in Jersey.
Went from there home for lunch and--incredibly--got a call from AT & Terrible (a recording, of course, they don't employ any real people), asking how satisfied I was with their customer service. You can be sure I pressed "1" for everything and also vocalized my displeasure in the comment phase. I was asked if I wanted somebody to call me and I said yes, but so far, I haven't been called. Guess they're afraid to hear what I have to say. That company from hell also sent me an e-mail bill for Direct TV, but guess what? It wasn't installed because I need something to go with it, so that's another hassle with them I'll have to tackle before they put me in debtors' prison.
I never stay home if I can avoid it, so after lunch, I drove into town. Went to a few of my favorite thrift stores, didn't buy in all, but got a tray, frame, and basket for a song--or three songs. I sat for a bit in a kind of "square," with a tiled fountain, greenery, murals, and so on. It was so lovely, the sky a cloudless blue, the sun so bright, I was glad to be where I was.
Stopped at Michael's and got another small stand for some of the ancestor pictures. Went to the hardware store for a 9 volt battery, which is needed for the battery tester. Nancy called right after I got home and I invited her to the Bonaventure Chinese New Year celebration (lunch and music) tomorrow. She'll come here, I'll drive, then take her to the new, spiffy thrift store after. We had a good talk and she asked if I had heard from Sue. I hadn't, but called her right after Nance and I hung up.
Sue is in a better frame of mind than she was. She was worried mainly that Mac's daughter would insist they move to Seattle where she lives (NOBODY in his or her right mind wants to move to Seattle; I don't even want to visit), also that Mac wouldn't hear her out about various topics surrounding his Alzheimer's disease. Happily, the daughter backed down and Mac is listening. Sue said she had come across some of her mother's things--jewelry and crystal--and wants to take them to a consignment shop in Carpetaria, which she's used before. Would I like to go with her? Yes, indeed, and she'll call me when she goes next.
Still haven't decided if I'll go to the wine and music today at The Townhouse--we'll see.

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