Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Finally, after a little drizzle in the morning, the rain stopped and I was able to do the back-and-forth laundry thing. I had put new batteries in the phone receivers, but what came on the screen was that I needed rechargeable batteries. Went out and got them, put them in, and I still get no dial tone. Well, the hell with it--AT & T is coming today and I'll just wait for then.
I went over to Target for this and that, including cute little Valentine bracelets that light up for V. and V. I wanted a battery tester because now I have ten or twelve of the ones I first put in the phone and remote, then changed. I want to see if they're still good. Walmart didn't have one and neither did the closer Target. I went to the one in the mall and they didn't have them either. Finally got one at the hardware store.
I thought Macy's was the worst outfit in the universe, but it has a rival: J.C. Penney. Got home about 5:00, stopped for the mail, and found a letter from Penney's saying my check for $153.79 was returned by my bank. What?! I knew that couldn't happen because I have overdraft protection. Looked on line to check and no, of course, my check wasn't returned. This is the second time I thought I paid the exact same bill and the same thing happened before. I called, screaming my head off and this time, paid via my debit card, which I HOPE will suffice. Damn, I hate these stores.

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