Saturday, January 21, 2017

AT & T and Chairs

Couldn't go to T.O.P.S. (not that I was dying to) because I had to wait in for the AT & T person, who was scheduled to come between 9 and 11. Well, naturally, he got here at about two minutes after 11.
It was raining hard--what is it with this sunny California propaganda?--but the guy was very nice: courteous and well-spoken. He didn't have to come in, but tested from my patio and unfortunately, discovered that I can't get Direct TV because the ray from the apparatus doesn't extend here--or something. It turns out I'll have to keep that poor excuse for a company, Communications Services, for the Internet, then get an Apple TV box or something, then I can get Direct TV. Also, I waited until he came to tell him I haven't had a dial tone for two days, but guess what? He doesn't handle phones, I had to call AT & T and was told they can't get somebody out there until Tuesday! Why? Well, they're very busy because of the weather.
The weather?! Fer cryin' out loud, it's not a blizzard, it's rain! Oh, but so what, I still have the cell and that'll have to suffice.
Was antsy to get out, so drove to Michael's. Looked at frames, but then decided I'd wait. Left my umbrella and had to go back after Office Max, where I got a new password book.
Home, I decided to take the plunge and ordered a kitchen table and a coffee table from Wayfair. I've had good luck with Wayfair and I'm counting on these two things being just what I want. I already have four kitchen chairs from The Work Bench in Princeton. We had bought our kitchen table--wood, with tile--and seven, not six, chairs in Swedish modern about forty years ago. I still liked them years later, as they looked good in the Sunrise Bay kitchen. However, I donated the table and three chairs--too bad I didn't keep them--so only the four remained.
I remembered seeing some wooden kitchen chairs at the Goodwill near Ellen's, so drove down there. They were only eight bucks each and are in excellent shape. Almost bought them, but then realized the color may be off. I drove all the way home, carried one of my chairs to the car, drove back, and brought it in the store.
I'm glad I did because unfortunately, my chairs are a lighter pine. I didn't buy the two at Goodwill, but may look on-line for better matching ones.


iloveac said...

Geez, sucky phone service and sucky weather too. You'll just have to do something fun to offset those two things. i'm sure you'll come up with some plan.

Mimi said...

You're a girl after my own heart, Patti!