Saturday, January 07, 2017

Busy Friday

Good grief, I just got up at 8:30! Guess because I was so active yesterday, but that's a good thing.
Here's how it went: I didn't walk, I'm afraid, once I got the paper and felt how cold it was. Started gathering some of the Christmas stuff until it was time to leave for T.O.P.S. at 8:30. I hadn't been there for several weeks; there was just too much going on, considering my birthday, Christmas, the party, and so on. Got on the scale and found I've gained four pounds.
Actually, I wasn't too upset at this. I knew I had gained some and I had been in the habit of wearing the same thing every weigh-in: shorts and a light blouse. This time, though, it was chilly, I had wool slacks on and a long-sleeved pullover. So I have a baseline and that's okay.
Everybody welcomed me back and it was nice to be with them. During the meeting, I was told that someone who also lives in Vntura Del Sol had joined. Leader Lolly passed out copies of the roster, with her info on it, so I'll call her. Her last name is "Tanner," which is the same as that of my friend, Doris, so I called her to see if they're related. Unlikely, she said, but she was going to call me. Did I get the latest copy of Ventura magazine? Yes, but I hadn't looked at it. Doris told me to turn to page 23; when I did, I saw "Acting for Amateurs" listed as beginning in March!
I had no idea the director, Hans, was going to re-list it, as he hadn't notified me. However, after my first surprise, I thought, "well, why not?" I would do the SCAN one on Saturdays and there's no reason I couldn't have two classes. So, we'll see what happens.
I spent a lot of time trying to find the book of poems Suzanne gave me, and couldn't. In desperation, I called Carolyn, who said it had been left at her house, and she gav it to Betty to give me the other day. However, she forgot and I called to ask her to send it.
I had seven very large onions and I cut them up, used the mandolin to slice them, added olive oil and garlic, and put it in the slow cooker. Left it on a few hours and it looks good, although I haven't tasted it yet. Got a lot of that pesky financial stuff done, including calls to Penney's (I had forgotten to pay my credit card last time, but I persuaded them to drop the $35 late fee) and A.T. & T. (I don't owe that at all, but got info on switching all to them), and a few others.
I heard it might rain again over the next few days, so took my dark clothes to the laundry. In between back and forth, I stored the Xmas stuff, dry-Swiffered the floors, and took the trash to the--well, the trash receptacle.
Went to the library to take a boring CD back and pick up one that looked more interesting. Went to Smart 'n' Final and got salmon, chicken, grapes, and a few other things. As I pulled into my spot, I remembered that a few steps from the path is a lime tree and I--yes, I picked myself a beautiful lime, and had it with my salmon for dinner. I must say, there's nothing like stolen goods to perk up your fish--.

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