Sunday, January 15, 2017

Good Day

Jumped in the shower, then rushed out to Michael's to get a frame for the beautiful rose Nancy painted and gave me for my birthday. Got one, then spent a good hour trying to get the picture and mat into it. Problem was that they were just a micro-bit too large. I finally trimmed the mat and backing with scissors and, I'm happy to say, the picture looks great.
Met Gabrielle at noon at the Hill Street Cafe. I was very early, but sat in a booth and got a mimosa, anyway, then ordered from the brunch menu when Gabrielle got there. We had a long, leisurely meal and I asked Gabrielle about her ideas and beliefs on the spiritual side. She said she's had "experiences," which she recounted to me, that make her believe we are all energy and go to energy when we die. I find it interesting to hear what others believe, although invariably, they're unable to substantiate their beliefs with actual evidence. Of course, that's true of those who follow organized religions, also, but I guess that's what "faith" is.
Anyway, we had a good visit, then I went home to do a few things around the house. I had gone to bed late (10 pm) and gotten up early (5:15), so I was sleepy and, very unusual for me, took a nap on the couch.
El came over about 3:00 and--happy day--helped me put the bed together, then hung the pictures I wanted over it. It looks wonderful! She also hung the water color Nancy had painted and given me, as well at the picture of me at age 10, painted long ago by an old lady.
I suggested dinner and we went to a Japanese restaurant in town. It's a tiny place, but well patronized, and the sushi is made to order, of course, so it took a while, but was so good. Real Japanese people work there, not the pretend Japanese you get at the chains in Jersey.
Said goodbye and when I got home, I just loved walking into my bedroom to see the new decor. My apartment isn't finished yet, but it's getting there.

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