Saturday, December 31, 2016

Friday at my Place

For some odd reason, Ellen didn't want to have me get my car after we got back from the party Thursday night; hmm, now why might that be? Dunno. She picked me up in the morning and I drove back from her place then.
I spent hours--it seemed like days--trying to send a picture from the party to my friends. I had taken one of their table and thought they'd like it, but mysteriously, I couldn't find it after I had transferred. Finally gave up, after posting and sharing a lot of pics on Facebook.
I had made a large pot of meatballs and sauce the other day, and froze them, not knowing when they might be used. Set to work defrosting, using both slow cookers and the stove. In the meantime, I tidied up the apartment, as presents, cards, and other items had been strewed all around.
Went out to Smart 'n' Final for salad fixings and a nice bottle of Chianti. Set the table. By the time Mike, Paula, and the girls came about 4:00, things were done. My pal, Patti, returned my call--I wanted to share some things about the party I hadn't put in here--and we had a little virtual visit.
Gave my company the grand tour (takes about three minutes) and they like the place--just right for you, said my daughter-in-law. Later, the other two got here and we sat down for dinner. Considering I still have the very small table--seats four comfortably and there were seven of us--this was a feat. However, the girls sat on the bench my Uncle Frank made, and Mike brought my computer chair in from the bedroom, so no prob.
We had a good dinner, then went over to El's until shortly after Greg got home. Visited with him for a short time, then parted. Nice day and there's only one more for this year.
Okay, come on, 2017, I'm ready for you!

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