Friday, December 02, 2016

Mundane Stuff

Ran around a lot, as usual. Just remembered I'm going to a luncheon with the Golden Girls and we're doing a cookie exchange. Still can't find my recipe box and I wanted to make chocolate delight bars, the recipe for which I've had at least forty years. Without much hope, I went on the Internet and yes, there was the recipe. Went to Ralph's supermarket to get the chocolate chips and finely chopped nuts for it; found the chips, but although they had every kind of nut imaginable (some walking around the store) in three different places, none were finely chopped. Found them at Vons.
El called to say she had to take a friend to the hospital for a slipped disc (I think). She'll probably have to go to Santa Barbara today with the friend.
Called JoAnn at California Blue Shield, just to be sure I'm enrolled because I just paid for Jersey Blue Shield, which I'm dropping and I took the automatic recurring payment off my bank account.
Speaking of that lousy financial institution, I stopped there to get twenty bucks worth of quarters for the wash and waited twenty minutes on line. The manager came up to ask if he could help, I complained about the wait--as I have innumerable times before--and several other people online chimed in. Everybody talked about how it's always, no matter what day or time, these long, long waits. I hate BOA like poison, and had considered switching to the credit union in town, but am daunted by the hassle changing my on-line banking.
Went to p.t. at 2:30 and had a pretty strenuous session. I do think it's helping the balance thing and besides, I actually enjoy doing it and like Tori, my therapist. From there, I went directly to the library; took back the Bob Crane book and got a new one by Augusten Burroughs. I've read several of his and he can be outrageous, but I like outrageous sometimes.
Somebody I know (not a relative) just celebrated her twenty-ninth year of sobriety and put that on Facebook. Lots congratulated her, as I did, and she wrote "I guard my sobriety...I know I have another drunk in me, but I may not have another sobriety date." Wow, what a neat way to express that!

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