Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Lots of Running Around

Walked Kimball, then spent most of the rest of the day running errands and straightening out snafus.
Humana sent three letters saying my doctor had refused providing a new RX, so I went to Primary Medical and discovered the original RX was from Jersey. Doc here finally faxed RX to both Humana and pharmacy.
Picked up a little birthday present and card for Greg at Barnes & Noble, then stopped at Bed, Bath & Beyond for microfiber cleaning cloths. I saw these on YouTube and had to have them; I want to use them on the bathroom sink.
Started working on the invitation to Betty's and my joint birthday, but haven't heard from Carolyn which phone or e-mail she wants to use. Got a reply from Marsha Meyer, director at SCAN, about my letter offering my Acting for Amateurs class. She wants to see an outline and further explanation, which I'll have to pull together.
Went to p.t. and, as ever, Tori really gave me a workout. I like it, though, and like her, and I think my balance is improving. I canceled my appointment for Thursday, as I just have too much to do; substituted a date with Amanda to have her color and cut my hair.
Went to Meineke to have my windshield wipers changed--to what purpose, I'm not sure, as it never rains--and called El while I was there. Said I wanted to give Greg his give and she invited me to come over after dinner.
I did so after I had wrapped Greg's gift. At their place, Greg offered me some of his newly made apple/raspberry dessert, something like a crisp, but not as sweet. It was very good and he liked my modest little gift (two Christmas tree ornaments about three inches high, with "diamonds" shaping "G" and "E").
I just finished Augusten Burroughs' new book Lust and Wonder and impulsively wrote my gay friend, Grey, to say hello. Somehow, although he's gay, Jewish, and younger than my older child, we bonded when we were in various shows together. Heh, heh, some of my childhood friends would have the vapors if they knew of our discussions--or sprinkle me with holy water, maybe.

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