Monday, December 19, 2016

Betty Here

Fun times!
Betty, Steve, Robyn, and Dexter blew in about 11:00 and we all settled down to chat, laugh, and catch up with each other. I served them a pretty mediocre lunch of salad and meatballs for sandwiches, along with iced tea. They said goodbye to Mom/Nana and took off. Betty and I then walked to Vons, where I got an Amazon gift card for my grandson and his boys. After, I took her to Goodwill and picked up a few minor items.
Home, Betty did some work on her phone and my computer, then we had dinner. This consisted of the Bistro MD talipia meals El had given me, and they're weren't bad. The same gift-giver called after dinner; she's feeling much better and is glad to have only two more days of work until Christmas vacation. Greg seems to be improving a bit, too, although he still has some pain. Betty's treating me to breakfast this morning.

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